Strange goings-on at West Kennet Long Barrow!

In the Summer of 2022, Linda and I made the long drive down to Topsham (near Exeter) for a family wedding. Since we're getting on a bit (and because I wanted to go 'on safari' to photograph the Great Bustards on Salisbury Plain!) we stopped halfway in Andover. The next day was free, so we decided to explore some of the nearby ancient monuments: I'd visited them all in the past, but Linda hadn't.

Our membership of English Heritage saved us sixty-odd pounds when we joined the throngs at Stonehenge, but the undoubted highlights for us were Avebury, Silbury Hill and West Kennet long barrow - all free to visit!

The barrow is a six thousand year old Neolithic chambered tomb: up to fifty people were buried in it and it is one of the largest and most complete such structure in Europe.

Despite its function and history, its location on top of a chalk ridge and the fact the place has always been deserted when I've visited, the barrow doesn't have a 'creepy' feeling at all: more like an old Saxon church.

Linda and I spent a good hour exploring and taking photos and had two strange experiences during our visit. Firstly, while taking the photo of Linda below, I felt something drop onto my shoulder: looking down I found a fresh red rose! Then, as I posed by the front entrance stone, an invisible hand grabbed the bottom of my jacket and pulled me back against the slab! To me, both seemed more 'jokey' than anything else...