No getting away from 'it'!

It is well-known among my friends - and even to my many casual acquaintances - that I possess in some degree the power to interpret or explain paranormal phenomena.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, I am not infrequently invited to people's houses to investigate hauntings or similar outré occurences.

I once had a close friend who was plagued, as she saw it, by dimly-seen shadows in corners and on the stairs, by misplaced objects that turned up in bizarre locations and by doors opening by themselves. All, this, to her and her husband's consternation, in a property they had purchased from the builders some ten years before. Knowing of my interest in these matters, she asked me to visit her house and investigate this unwelcome presence: I readily agreed. As soon as I entered the front door and walked across the hall into the lounge, I was aware of a somewhat uncomfortable feeling. I was definitely not wanted by 'someone'!
My host asked if I wanted coffee: on my agreement, she went off to the small kitchen to boil the kettle. As soon as she left the room, an elderly woman abruptly materialised by the lounge door.

Needless to say, I was somewhat startled by this, but regaining my equanimity I attempted to make contact. The old lady soon identified herself as my friend's Grandmother, who had passed away some months previously. (I should say, these communications are, in my experience, almost always some form of telepathy: the thoughts just 'form' in my mind, and I reply in a similar fashion...)

I 'asked' the spirit why she visited her Grand-daughter so frequently: the reply almost caused me to laugh at loud! She enjoyed the young woman's virtuoso piano playing! At the time, moreover, my friend was an active member of an operatic society and was also learning to play the guitar!
The return of my host with the coffee shattered the connection, and the elderly relative departed. Naturally she was a little taken aback when I related what had occurred, but, after a while, seemed to reconcile herself to the fact that Granny would continue to visit as long as there was music in the house!

Time passed: my friend could no longer stand the unexpected visits, and gave up the piano, the operatic society and the guitar! Furthermore, she and her family moved some distance away: in the way of friendship, we lost touch for some years....

Out of the blue, my wife and I received a wholly unexpected dinner invitation to the 'new' house. After the meal, my erstwhile friend suggested a few songs at the piano: this, she admitted, she hadn't played for two years! She passed her dusty guitar to me, and sat at the piano. Hardly had the first chords resonated through the house when there, at the door, was Granny!

A Haunted Norfolk Bungalow

Hello David! I really enjoy reading your site, but thought it was about time I made a contribution: like most people, I have at least one story to tell!

My story concerns our bungalow. It is situated in a small village in North Norfolk about 9 miles south of Cromer and was built on the site of an old orchard. We are semi-detached and the property on the other side is an old farm house (now extended). My son, who is very sensitive to 'feelings', says that he is aware of being watched when he is at out place. Once when he was sitting in the living room watching a video (he was the only one there) he got the impression that there was someone else in the room with him. He has also had trouble walking from the living room (through what used to be the outside wall/window, now an archway) into the then family room or extension to the bungalow. I had better tell you that there are now no windows in the living room or what used to be the kitchen (now an office) as they use borrowed light from the extension. He said it felt like a brick wall.

When we were alone in the bungalow one November evening, our dog started acting very strangely and would walk round the outside of the room, rather than walk in a straight line to us. We got out the video and recorded two orbs floating about: unfortunately the tape was later wiped accidentally. We saw nothing of this until it was played back, although we both felt something at the time....

I am disabled and find that I have to get up several times in the night. On numerous occasions I have heard hushed whispers (no: it is not the wind! It has happened on perfectly calm nights!) More recently I have smelt perfume (I don't wear any - I really don't like it) and also on different occasions bread being toasted and bacon cooking.

Lexi's encounter.....

Hi David & Sue! Chilling tales? I have a true story that you might consider posting...

It was just like any other ordinary day. I had finished my home work and had gotten into bed. I couldn't sleep, so I was just staring out into the hall that is across my room. By this time it had gotten quite dark but I still couldn't sleep. I started noticing a curious point of light that made my dark hall suddenly appear brighter. To my horror, the curious point of light started materializing into the shape of a fuzzy 'something' . It was difficult to make out at first, but suddenly I could see the shape of a young woman in an old-fashioned night gown right where the point of light had been.

At first I could not believe my eyes so I decided to check if I was dreaming. I rubbed my eyes:- I wasn't! I was so terrified that I dove under my multiple down quilts and comforters. This is the scary part..... the ghostly visitor then proceeded to come say 'Hi !' I felt a sudden hair raising chill travel up my back as all the heat from my many coverings drained out as easy as helium flows out of a balloon. I tried covering myself with more blanket, but I could not seem to gain any warmth whatsoever . This happened a second time, accept this time I was more chilled than anything I'd ever felt.

That was the end of the physical appearances but not the mental and spiritual appearances. A few days later my vitamin cup went missing. This is an object of no value whatsoever, but meant something to me. All my family members were questioned about this missing item but it had disappeared. A few days before the second coincidence I discovered my vitamin cup on the floor and "coincidentally " stepped on it and the corner fell off.

Within the next weeks and months various objects in my possession went missing and were never found including, again, the vitamin bowl!

Since then I have found out that the house is 80 years old and used to belong to two old sisters . My ghostly visitor has never been seen again, but I always keep a Bible handy just in case!