This book may change your life!

Back in the late 1980's an American author published an extraordinary book: five years later it was published in the United Kingdom. A work of pure fiction? Or a thinly-veiled personal philosophy? Possibly...but possibly, perhaps more!
Celestine Prophecy is presented by James Redfield as an adventure story, the basic 'plot' of which is as follows:

An ancient manuscript ( curiously, written in Aramaic) is discovered at an archaeological site in Peru: it purports to hold profound and fundamental truths for modern Mankind about its origins, evolution and ultimate destiny.

The Celestine Prophecy (as the document is called) is in nine sections, each of these 'INSIGHTS' adding further to the revelations imparted by the previous one. The actual document has been annexed, so we are told, by the Catholic Church in Peru who stop at nothing to suppress the Prophecy and destroy copies of the Nine Insights before they can be promulgated. The book 'reads' like an amalgam of 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' but ends 'happily' with the discovery of the final insight, the safe  reunion of the main characters and the escape of the author to the USA (taking with him, of course, the knowledge he has acquired on his quest)
Since the initial publication, seven further volumes have followed, none of which achieved anything like the success of Redfield's first book.

When I was first given a copy by someone who knew of my interest in such matters (and my own small psycho-kinetic and clairvoyant abilities) I was frankly sceptical: We all remember the 'Aquarian' madness of the early 1970s, when anyone who could hold a pen could easily find a publisher for their personal revelations about the nature of the Universe!

I was, however, somewhat surprised to find myself almost totally sympathetic to the basic theses of the book: to my astonishment it was a virtual recapitulation of my own early instruction under the mentor-ship of my maternal Uncle John. So many cadences were struck, so many arcane truths revealed that I was forced to consider that James Redfield was indeed privy to a source of ancient wisdom.

I urge you to read the book in its entirety, but to whet your appetite, what follows is the quintessence of the first NINE INSIGHTS Make of them what you will: but I will wager that they will strike a chord in the hearts of all but the most pragmatic!

First Insight

There are no such things as coincidences: they  promote to mankind a developing understanding that there are is a largely ignored 'other side' of existence that we must all begin to explore if we are to continue to evolve.

Second Insight

In the West, man's intellectual and spiritual development has been in phases:- at the start of the last millennium we were 'content' to be guided by the Church and accepted its dogma concerning life, death and salvation. Ordinary people ascribed religious causes to ALL events (the crops growing or failing, storms, birth and so on) and accepted the authority and interpretation of the Church in all such matters. Following the reformation, mankind lost its place at the centre of God's creation, leaving us with a sense of loss and isolation: we needed some new group to provide us with the reasons for life, the Universe and everything. Thus began the growing authority of Science. But while mankind 'waited for Science to 'return with the answers'  we began to exploit the Earth to enhance our corporeal existence. As we 'improved' our physical lives, we forgot the original question: why are we here in the first place? Recently, more and more of us have rediscovered the importance of striving for an answer to that conundrum.

The Third Insight

Here, it is revealed that the basic 'stuff' of creation is a malleable universal energy which can be channelled and manipulated. First we must learn to recognise it, initially through an appreciation of the beauty of creation: this leads to the ability to see the life-force of animals and plants and to participate in energy transfer with them and with 'nature' as a whole.

The Fourth Insight

The fourth insight, stated simply, is that people compete for this energy, even if they are unaware of it: human inter-personal relationships tend to involve power struggles  for control of this psychic energy

The Fifth Insight

Once we have learned to become attuned to the energy fields around us, and have established links with the energy fields of other organisms, we ourselves begin to 'vibrate' on a higher energy level: our personal evolution is advanced to its next stage

The Sixth Insight with the way in which we manipulate others by means of 'control dramas' : these are mechanisms we have developed to control or respond to others: we may respond by acquiescence, by intimidation, by becoming 'aloof' or by seizing the intellectual high ground as an 'interrogator' In whichever way we have grown accustomed to respond, we must discard our control drama in order that we may continue to develop.

The Seventh Insight

...relates our dreams and sudden insights to our links with the universal energy: we should attempt to view dreams in the light of events in our waking lives and act accordingly.
Intuition should inform our life-question, and negative or bad images should be used to our advantage: a dream or image of ,say, a train crash should cause us to reconsider an impending rail journey.

The Eighth Insight

...warns us against becoming addicted to another person: we may imagine that the synergy of our knowledge and energy and theirs has completed the circle of our personal growth: in fact, it has stultified it. Only through altruistic sharing of knowledge do we continue to grow

The Ninth Insight

This, the final insight of Redfield's original thesis, reveals that Mankind's ultimate destiny is to evolve to the point where each of us has the ability to cross the boundaries between matter and pure energy: we each become part of the greater energy of the Universe. This event is predicted for half way through the new millennium….

A work of pure fiction? A piece of hokum? Not to a growing number of people in whom these Insights invoke a resonance….Think about your control drama!