Rendlesham Forest revisited
Part two

In August, 2010, five of us spent much of the day until shortly before midnight walking the paths at the northern end of the wood, from East Gate carpark and Folly Cottage to the various landing sites: we made three anomalous observations, photographing two of them. The first was a bright object that appears in a photograph taken looking west towards East Gate from the main path. Nothing was noticed at the time the picture was taken (the woods were much darker than the camera suggests!) but on magnifying and brightening the central section, this curious object is apparent. I should add that the photo was taken looking back from where we had just walked, and that all five of us experienced a powerful sensation of being watched at the time.

The second photograph was taken looking north east from the picnic table on the eastern edge of the 'Warren field'. I had noticed a bright light moving above the tree line and took a picture using 8x optical zoom. There was no sound, and the object seen through our image-intensifying 'Star-scope' was exactly the shape as in the image below.

Finally, on our return through the woods at the end of the nightwatch, the leading three of us saw a luminous green ball of light cross the path and move through the woods at a distance of, perhaps, 60 metres. I am very familiar with fireflies, glow-worms and the reflection from animals' eyes: this was none of those. In any case, it was at least 30cm in diameter!