Rendlesham Forest revisited
Part five
June 2nd 2011

A last-minute opportunity arose for our team of enthusiasts to spend some time in the Forest with Brenda Butler and her
niece Bev. Lin & I met up mid-morning with Bill, Jason, Rosie & Thomas at the East Gate and were interested to see a
platoon of armed REME squadies yomping along the perimeter: Apache helicopters were much in evidence and it was
intriguing to witness an apparent Jet Provost carrying out 'touch & go' approaches.
We showed 'first-timer' Bill all the regular sites, before exploring the finger of woodland indicated by Larry Warren
and John Burroughs as being the location of the small stream traversed by Col Halt and his team at Capel Green.

This little peninsula among the barley conforms exactly to Col Halt's account of his experiences.

Later, we were joined by seasoned campaigner Paul Williams: after a break for supper, we met Brenda & Bev at 7.00pm.
A long and highly entertaining guided tour ensued, starting with the 'new' landing site to the north of RAF Woodbridge

We obtained some interesting pictures: a daylight disc over the base and some strange orbs, many apparently with faces!

Fellow investigator (and sceptic!) Paul Williams sent us all a DVD of our walk with Brenda: he didn't spot this figure
watching us from behind a birch sapling at the entrance to track 10, but Jason's children did! No enhancement here,
other than enlargement and a little contrast increase. Note the orb, too!