Woodbridge conference,
September 2011


On September 10th a good-natured audience of nearly 200 enthusiasts assembled at Woodbridge Community Hall for an evening of updates and UFO related presentations.

I spoke about the Apollo Moon landings and discussed the reservations some researchers have expressed about the first three missions: this seemed to be well-received, despite my data projector 'breaking down' at a critical moment (Thanks, Mr Parrish!)

Other lectures were delivered by John Hanson, Brenda Butler, Peter Parrish, Matt Lyons and Larry Warren. Despite having a bad throat, Larry gave his usual self-promoting spin on the RFI. He and Brenda had signed copies of their books available, as did John Hanson. Disappointingly, the demand for John's excellent book on the RFI didn't match its importance to serious researchers, while BB and LW's 'historical documents' seemed to sell quite well...

Peter Parrish & Brenda Butler
John Hanson
Larry Warren

Matt Lyons gave a brief talk about the RFI and BUFORA's current take on the situation and a new spin on the events of Christmas 1980 was provided by a local taxi driver who had not described his experiences before.