Rendlesham: Summer 2014

It having been a while since Linda & I had spent a night in the forest, at the end of May in the late afternoon we met Paul, Jason & Thomas at the East Gate carpark. It was a clear, balmy evening and the walk along Track 10 was taken slowly to maximise our enjoyment of the Forest's abundant wildlife: Adders, Roe Deer, frogs and all the usual woodland birds were much in evidence...

An interesting change since our last visit was the addition of red hazard signs to the concrete caps covering the many access shafts that lead downwards to an apparent network of underground tunnels. These have been explored by braver investigators than we and this has obviously caused a reaction from the MoD.

After a look at the usual 'interesting' parts of the forest, we sat down at the picnic table by Capel Green to wait for full darkness. As always, we looked across towards the distant Orford Light (now in private hands and turned off for good!) and reflected how astonishing it is that so many people are still satisfied by the 'official' story that Col.Halt & co. confused this familiar landmark with a manouvering UFO! This cropped and enlarged photo was taken from the edge of the forest with a 300mm lens!

Once it was dark, we walked slowly back through the woods, taking video and frequent stills pictures as we went. When Linda & I reviewed our photos at home, we found a number of hard-to-explain images:

Near the 'Halt Landing Site' (which has now been adorned with a metal replica of the Penniston / Burroughs object!) I obtained this intriguing picture: the first is unadjusted, the second has been improved for contrast and brightness:

Linda had a similar figure (and plenty of the usual orbs!) on one of her photos:

As is frequently the case, we twice captured strange amorphous mists: these were NOT our own breath - the night was too warm for that - and were invisible at the time the photos were taken:

I suppose the most interesting occurences took place halfway back along Track 10, at a spot where we have had strange experiences in the past. As I was taking a photo, a strong force pushed the lens of my camera downwards: at the same time, I felt something tugging at the hair on the back of my head. Simultaneously, Paul gave a cry as the side of his face was stroked!