Eddy's tale...


Another strange (and moving) tale that arrived by e-mail. I have altered or disguised the names of those involved for obvious reasons...

My story starts on the longest night of the year 21st June 1983.
At approximately 01.30 am, my wife and I are woken by a knock and the ringing of the bell. Getting up, we opened the door to find two policemen. After letting them in, I was informed that my two children from a previous marriage, had died in a house fire....

The next few days were a blur. On the Friday night around 10.30pm, my wife said "Eddy: you are exhausted! You HAVE to go to bed!" Being semi drugged with sleeping tablets,I agreed. As you can imagine I fell asleep straight away, unaware of the experience my wife then had....

In our bedroom is an old armchair used exclusively by our dog, Lucky. Unusually, he refused to sleep in his chair: indeed, he refused to sleep in the room. M*****et, who was not feeling tired, just lay in bed. Suddenly she felt a presence: looking round she was amazed to see my children, one sitting on the edge of the bed the other on the arm of the chair. P*** spoke to her saying:

"Tell dad not to go and that we are all right! We are with grandad and grandmom"

On awakening Saturday morning, M*****t informed me what had happened. Naturally, I was startled, but decided to tell my younger sister S**,who had some previous experience of the supernatural.
I rang her and said "you will never guess what happened last night" at which point she said to me "No: I'll tell you what happened!" She continued " Last night Dad came to me and said he was with P*** and S***h and he then sent them to see M******t."
Apparently it was his way of saying sorry to her for blaming my second wife for the break-up off my first marraige (which was, in fact, not the case.)

At the time, I was working on the T.P.Os (travelling post offices). These are sorting offices aboard trains that run at night.The train i was on was the Derby-Bristol. After 5 years this was changed to the Derby-Penzance, which meant that instead of getting home each morning I stayed two nights away from home in Plymouth.
At these new digs I met Nora, the landlady. One Friday as I was ready to go to work I popped in to say goodbye to her and found she had company. I quickly said my goodbyes and said i would see her the following Wednesday.
Wednesday came: I got up from my sleep and went to make a cuppa. On entering the kitchen, I met Nora who asked if she could have a word with me. She seemed a bit reticent so I said "Come on! What`s the problem?" She replied that on the previous Friday, one of her guests ( a psychic ) had said that he had seen two shadowy figures on my shoulders, both young children.
Another guest added that they too had felt some presence.
Nora asked if I had any idea who they might be. I was taken aback at first, but said I would tell her the story if this person could elaborate.
The following week he gave my landlady more details. He said the first was a young girl about 6 years old and the other was a slightly older boy no more than 10 -12 years old.
I then told her the events of 9 years earlier.
Nora said I could find out more if I cared by seeing her friends, but after talking to my wife, I decided that it is enough to know my children are still with me and Ii look forward to the day we will be re-united.
This is a true account of my only experience with the unexplained....

Judith's Spirit Guide...
I have had several paranormal happenings, including a 'guide' or 'helper' who was about four foot tall, and dressed from head to toe in black. I first 'saw' him when I was falling asleep; suddenly I found myself in the bathroom and the shower curtain was whipped aside and there he was, complete with hat, having a very solemn shower. The second time I was in a family's home giving the children their piano lessons. This time I was wide awake but suddenly felt the urge to look behind me from where I was at the piano. And there he was, stopped at the foot of the steps leading to their basement. He halted for a few moments until he was sure I had seen him, then with no expression on his face he walked down the steps. The third time I had gone to sleep without turning off the bedside light. I awoke feeling a little disturbed, and there he was again, this time with his hand outstretched, about to turn the light off for me! I managed to tell him 'if you are a good helper please stay, but if you are here to do me mischief please go'. The upshot of this I think was when my mother, who lives in England, (I live in Canada - 5 hours behind) phoned to let me know my brother was dying. He and I had not enjoyed a good relationship, fault on both sides, but for me it was painful to know about his illness.

One night shortly thereafter, about 11 p.m. I was in bed, specs on and reading, when a golden ball appeared on the wall opposite me, and shimmered to get my attention. The moment I saw it I began to feel very sleepy, and tried to take off my glasses, put my book down and turn off the light all in one go. The next I knew it was six in the morning, and, my glasses had been folded and put away, my book closed, and the bedside light turned off! I woke up feeling utterly euphoric, light, almost weightless, with bliss running around inside me. It was wonderous, and lasted for about two hours. Shortly after that mum phoned to tell me that my brother had died about four that morning, exactly the same time (my end) the ball of light had come to me. I had obviously been taken the otherside to welcome my brother. About 10 days after that as I was conducting a 'psychic' session with someone he came through, but pushing his black lab into me first, then blinding me with brilliant white and gold light straight into my heart. It lasted about 20 minutes and I could hardly breathe - I didn't want to in case I blew it away! It was the most loving sensation I have experienced from any human being, departed or living. I am sure, though, that my little chap did the necessary for me that night, and cleared up after me!