Are Aliens here already?

As must be fairly obvious to all of my many regular and loyal readers, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people during my researches! And, needless to say, I have had more than my share of inexplicable experiences!

But as I have interviewed my many contacts, one strange and compelling fact keeps emerging: there are an incredible number of people walking about who are convinced that they are not human!

Let me amplify this apparently bizarre contention!

A friend of mine (who has provided me with some of the more
outré contributions) confided in me that he sometimes looks up at the night sky and feels homesick!  I was happy to report to him that he is far from alone in this: I have interviewed many others who report a similar emotion……


But let me put my cards on the table: I myself firmly believe that the 'human race' is not exclusively descended from one or other of the  various ape-like creatures excavated from the Rift Valley of East Africa. It seems abundantly obvious to me that mankind has been genetically modified right from the time of the appearance of truly human types a quarter of a million years or so ago.

Lest anyone suspect me of fascist leanings, let me say right away that I am making no value judgements here about race or colour: it would appear that 'alien genes' are to be found in all of humanity!

My personal contention ( which, though not apparently innovative, first occurred to me as a child of eight!) is that at some point mankind experienced some outside 'help' in its evolutionary processes: the 'descent' from the Olduvai Gorge has always seemed just a little meteoric to me! (It is probably worth putting on record here that I am a graduate Biologist!)


Whether this fast-tracking was as a result of genetic engineering or the migration of souls from alien beings into early humans is a moot point. Personally, I favour the former!

Consider the following:


  • Some people grow up with an enhanced acceptance of  the paranormal and supernatural and have usually personally   experienced  contact with the spirit world, aliens, fairies and other elementals

  • Such people often - if not always - possess one or several   unusual powers or abilities: prescience, the ability to see auras, telepathy, psychokineticity etc.

  • Those of us who can see auras are perfectly well aware that  some individuals appear to possess larger, brighter and well-coloured auras: such people always display unusual abilities or powers.

  • There is always a strong affinity between such individuals: they readily recognise others of the same type and tend to seek them as friends and partners.

  • Finally, such 'earth-aliens' typically feel isolated and estranged: they are often depressive personalities who really only feel comfortable in the  company of  similar individuals and 'put on a show' for the rest of us!

In conclusion, and at the risk of seeming a little less than 'PC', can I just add the rider here that I am NOT referring in this brief piece to the many sadly deluded individuals who claim to be 'Emissary Astra of the Pleiades' or some similar ambassador to our planet!

A UFO sighting by a Norfolk family!

On Monday, 24th April, at 7.30 pm, my wife, step-son and I were driving  North  on the A 11 towards Norwich, when I noticed a dark oval shape drifting  rapidly westwards beneath the straggly cloud-base.

My wife was able to observe the object through a pair of Optolyth 12 x 40 binoculars: having found a suitable parking place, I took them from her  and scrutinised the strange visitor for myself: a fairly accurate sketch may be seen above!

My stepson also witnessed the phenomenon: a 'first' for him!

After a few seconds, the UFO grew smaller before vanishing: presumably it had travelled off Northwards towards Cromer!

A group UFO sighting!
Do you believe there is life elsewhere in this vast cosmos? It is a total certainty! But do you have any evidence? Or is this just a belief based on Hollywood fantasies such as 'Star Wars' and 'Independence Day'?  I know differently!  These so called 'flying saucers exist! I have seen many! What are they? That I cannot tell you! But here is my tale!
Some years ago I found myself working in a garage in the town of Shenfield, just outside London.
I had to leave the house in which I was living very early in the morning so that I might arrive in time for my shift at the pumps!
I always rode to work on a 'bus: accordingly my day began at a bus-stop at a curiously named spot called 'Hanging Hill Lane' in the leafy suburb of Hutton.
On this particular morning in 1970, I shared my vigil at the bus-stop with a group of perhaps fifteen women, all of whom were on their way to commence their shifts at an adhesive tape factory in Brentwood.

It was before dawn, yet the promise of sunrise was in the sky. I happened to glance upwards towards the East, when over the top of the bungalows that fringed this quiet residential avenue came a half-echelon of the most extraordinary craft. For make no mistake: these
were  spacecraft of some advanced design. Catching the rays of the still horizontal Sun, these huge circular vehicles scintillated in the dark pre-dawn skies. I would have to say they were at least twice the size of a Jumbo jet, and passed across the sky to the zenith in complete silence at an altitude of perhaps three thousand metres,: at this point they passed into the dark umbra of the Earth, so that their passage to the Western horizon could only be followed by the stars they eclipsed!
The middle aged women became hysterical when I pointed out the phenomenon to them!
One final, perhaps significant occurrence…..about five minutes after the strange visitors disappeared from view, a pair of jet fighter aircraft followed in their path:- English Electric Lightnings, I seem to recall!
Again, the particular merit of this story is that it happens to be true!