Ashley's UFO videos!

This brand new account arrived by e-mail from a new correspondent called Ashley. Needless to say, I have replied asking him for some clips or stills! Watch this space!

I have had several UFO experiences: I shall start with the one that was near where I live. This encounter occcured on the 22nd of June, 2002....
I have always been interested in UFOs and this experience was one I particularly enjoyed!
Anyway, on this day I was outside with my camcorder just playing around: it was 9:35 and there were some dark clouds moving acoss the sky. It was then that I noticed a particularly bright white moving through them. I, of course, put the camcorder on the light to see what it was: the object was round and white and pulsating. It then dropped through the clouds. When it emerged into the clear sky, it stopped and I could see it was bright white, dome shaped and was "morphing"(by that I mean continually changing size and shape) The object then flashed outwards several times (I'm pretty certain it did this because it had noticed me there, and was showing me what it could do!)
It then moved slowly to one side: I was truly amazed by it, not only seeing it, but having the good fortune to film it as well! The object went orange and gave off an orange glow and at one point completely disappeared, only to slowly re-materalize through the dark clouds!

My second sighting occured just 11 days later in almost the same place and was strikingly similar to my first sighting:- round,white and hanging completely stationary in the night sky! I also filmed this object for quite a while.
Looking back on both sightings, I am completely certain that what I saw was the real thing: not aircraft or anything else, because they made no sound or noise!
And no aircraft can remain stationary in the sky for such a long period of time, nor can an aircraft completely disappear and then slowly reappear in front of your eyes and on film footage as well!
UFOS are out there and don't let anyone tell you anything different!

A Close Encounter!

Sometimes one may undergo an encounter with the unknown that leaves an indelible impression: this is an account of just such an event....
I was driving home from Norwich to Yarmouth with my first wife, a fellow-teacher and his two young children. Our journey took us along a dark, lonely stretch of road that wound between the villages of Acle and Wroxham. The night was moonless and dark, yet, being summer, warm and humid.
Suddenly the road ahead was illuminated by a blinding blue-white cone of light that was descending vertically from above!  I slowed to a halt: already my ex-wife had become anxious and demanded that I drive on.

The light vanished as abruptly as it had appeared….but looking up, a black circular shadow could be discerned travelling across the sky, eclipsing the stars as it did so….
Twice more the blinding cone of light lit up the fields to the south of the road: as it did so, a humming noise like a cheap child's top could be heard. Abjured to proceed by the now near-hysterical woman, I threw the car into gear, and  sped off in a spray of gravel. As I rounded the tree-girt bend at the end of the long straight where this astonishing event had occurred, a glance in the mirror provided a final view of the strange visitor…….. What had we witnessed? I have no idea. But I can say with no doubt that the curious craft was certainly not of this world!

My first UFO!
1957! What a year! Two great comets visited the inner solar system and awoke many a young mind to an  interest in the music of the spheres! And I was one of them! Ever since those long-distant days I have spent more time looking up to the stars than down into the gutter!

I was, at the time, in my second year at North Street Primary School…. In those lost, halcyon times it was safe for a child (even one living in the East End of London!) to walk unaccompanied to school with a reasonable chance of a safe arrival!

My mother had developed the charming tradition of walking much of the way with me, pausing at a baker's shop to buy me a cake to keep me amused  during my  one-hour sojourn in the school playground.

On this particular morning, I found myself (as usual) alone, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my playmates. 

I gazed  upwards into the  post-dawn skies:  immediately I found my gaze drawn towards a most extraordinary object.
Directly above, travelling slowly West to East across the duck-egg blue firmament, was an intensely bright silver disc. Behind it trailed what I can only describe as a plume of fire-flecked grey smoke. I watched fascinated as the amazing object scintillated in the cold, early morning sunlight, for as well as its linear motion from horizon to horizon, the strange object also rocked like a slowly-falling leaf!

Eventually the silent visitor disappeared  into the distance, leaving me perplexed and a little disturbed. My solitary reverie was broken by the arrival of Miss Church, the spinster Headmistress of the School. Naturally, I could not wait to tell her my tale. Somewhat disconcertingly, she smiled!

"Come to my office, child, and tell me more!" she said.
I dutifully followed. Even more bizarrely, she then invited me to sit upon her bony lap while I told my tale! Following my denouement, she unfolded a paper to reveal the cover photograph of what I now know to have been the comet Arend Roland. She spoke again:
" Astronomy has long been a passion of mine, child! How wonderful to find a kindred spirit in one so young!"
I did not have the heart to disabuse the old woman…..for even as young as I was, I knew I had not been looking at a comet!

Still, she was right: the events of that long-gone, innocent day have stayed with me my whole life. I too count Astronomy as a passion, and an element of my subsequent University studies! And, of course, I have made a life-long study of the UFO phenomenon!