A shared UFO sighting!

A while ago, some friends came over to take my wife and me out for an evening's bowling...... and very enjoyable it was, too: a few beers, some good sport and the promise of a stimulating supper: my friend's wife is, you see, a very active medium!
As we pulled into the drive of our isolated home, we all instantly noticed a bright, glowing light low in the Eastern sky...... At the time the two brightest natural objects were Jupiter in the South East and Sirius in the South: this was MUCH brighter: probably magnitude -7 or -8.....

We stood and watched the pulsating yellow-white object swaying and undulating until we all four grew cold: we then adjourned indoors ......

After supper and the odd glass of Prosecco, conversation turned (as it often will!) to matters paranormal. Julie, the female component of our guest-couple, casually enquired if anyone else was aware of the presence of a 'teenage girl' in the room. I, of course, replied in the affirmative! She asked if I could provide a name: this I was reluctant to do, since the relationship between Julie and the spirit seemed very intimate....... The ensuing ninety minutes allowed an ever-closer rapprochement between our living and spirit guests!

The events of the entire evening served to underline just how narrow are the boundaries between this world and the many others......

Another daylight UFO
Some years back my journey home from Gt Yarmouth took me along some of the beautiful country lanes that wind sinuously towards Norwich through small copses and fields of maize and sugar beet.
One afternoon in the late Spring I was reaching the end of my drive homeward when I slowed to allow an almost black pheasant to scramble across the road in front of my van. As I followed his progress into a field of lush grass, my attention was grabbed by a movement against the patchy clouds.....

Moving slowly over the fields towards a line of oak trees was a classic 'Flying Saucer' :- about ten to fifteen metres across, this circular, metallic object emitted no sounds or light as it moved over the woods at an altitude of perhaps thirty metres before disappearing from view!

A very close encounter!
Elsewhere in these memoires you may have read of how my car was once 'buzzed' by a large UFO. After over 25 years, an ex-colleague wrote to remind me of his role in this amazing event. David (for that is his name!) remembers things slightly differently to me, but even so, his account confirms what was basically an extraordinary event.
Hi David, I just read your website: it's moved me to write and give my memories of the UFO incident we shared: I do remember it a little differently. We were returning from Hellesdon High School after a days work. You were driving, you had your first wife in the back with my two oldest children Louise and Daniel. They used to attend the junior school next door. It was an autumnal evening, at least it was just getting dark as we drove home, between four and five. I was sitting next to you in the front. As we drove down the very long straight section of road between Little Plumstead and Panxworth, we both noticed a bright, white, downward facing light over to our right. It was like the cone of a strong search light. Behind it was a row of dimmer,yellow lights, arranged like port holes. It was coming towards us at an oblique angle, from the right, as you were driving towards it. I remember jokingly pointing at it and whistling the five note sequence from Close Encounters. I think we thought it was an aircraft coming in to land at Norwich Airport. However as the distance closed between us, we came to realise just how big the scale of whatever it was we were looking at. The white light seemed to be at one end, and the row of lights, which seemed to be part of the same thing, they were certainly moving together, was huge. The white cone of light was well into the fields on the left of the road, while the row of yellow lights stretched way over the road into the fields on the right of the road.

We realised we were going to drive under it, it was moving very slowly from right to left, and seemed to be about 100 feet off the ground. At this point we all felt quite scared but utterly fascinated by what we were looking at. The road then bent sharp left down a short bank, then turns right before a climb out of the depression. It was tree lined, the children used to call it Dingly Dell. At the bottom of the bank was a field entrance, which you pulled into and stopped. You turned off the engine, and we opened the windows to look at the lights. They had continued into the field, and stopped, hovering over a circular copse of trees, just on the outskirts of Panxworth, between the road we were on and Salhouse Road. The thing that unsettled me was that it was totally silent! A seemingly massive craft was hovering with no engine noise, a 100 feet off the ground, just skimming the trees. Now here is the thing that I will never understand, why didn't we go and investigate this phenomenon? This moment was a godsend to enquiring minds, yet suddenly we all felt really unerved, got back in the car, and fled from the scene. You dropped the children and I off in South Walsham, at bottom of Flowerdews Lane. We walked up to the cottage, got my ex wife outside, pointed across the valley, and you could still see the lights hovering over the trees! I have no idea what it was we saw that evening, though I have tried to rationally analyse it. An aircraft that big would have to move fairly quickly to keep flying, and would make some engine noise. There was a dirigible kept at the airport, which could appear to hover, but was much smaller, and even that had a propeller. A helicopter is an incredibly noisy thing. I have recently read about low frequency wave generators that can cause a feeling of unease and panic, that may account for our sudden change of mood.