Psychic Attack!
Do you sometimes, out of the corner of your eyes, see a coloured glow surrounding people, plants and animals?  You do? Then perhaps you are one of those with an innate ability to see the aura or life-field that is associated with every living thing in the Universe. This awareness can be developed so that it is possible, eventually, to observe the aura as readily as one might, say, observe the clothes a person is wearing, or (perhaps more exactly) the scent exuded by a flower.

It is soon apparent to the adept that auras are individual in colour, texture, extent and shape: certain colours appear to be associated with the maturity of the spirit of the possessor, while sickness definitely affects the consistency and extent of the auric field.

I personally find that I only rarely am aware of a person's aura unless I make a conscious effort to observe it…...others I know cannot turn the ability on and off, but ALWAYS see a person's aura, just as one might notice their hair colour! I do not envy this talent….it must be very wearing, I would have thought.
I should also say that I tend to best enjoy the company of people with yellow or pink life-fields, and avoid those with grey or brown ones!

I was aware of auras as a small child and largely took them for granted, assuming everyone could see them! The ability to observe them with greater clarity (as well as other, more singular talents) was taught to me by a maternal uncle and two other adepts.

Occasionally one finds this to be a somewhat mixed blessing……

Several weeks ago I was walking from a bookshop in the market region of a large East Anglian city, when my attention was suddenly grabbed by a blinding white light on the other side of the road. I should say that I instantly knew that what I was looking at had never been born upon this world! 

In the past I have occasionally been aware that I was in the presence of ancient, powerful souls with auras to match: this was not in the same category: I was looking at a malevolent alien entity! Perhaps more disturbingly, the creature was instantly aware of my attention: I received a psychic blast of near-crippling proportions, warning me to leave well enough alone and go about my business. My mind was filled with the same aching feeling of loneliness and home-sickness that I sometimes experience when looking up into the night sky, and then the entity was gone, mingling with the weekend shoppers and soon lost among the confused background of their mental out-pourings.

I had no alternative but to stumble to a nearby café for a much-needed caffeine input! This experience has, in fact, occurred several times in the past, but never before have I felt such a malevolent mental probing:  it is not impossible that an episode of weakness and ill-health that I experienced shortly afterwards was connected to the strange visitor's psychic attack!

Do YOU believe in fairies?

I have several children: this story concerns my youngest daughter, a beautiful child then (some twenty years ago!) as now……..

At the time of which I write, Alex (for that is her name!) spent many happy hours exploring a wooded area in a somewhat wild and overgrown region of our lands. There was a pond, some tumble-down outbuildings and a copse of mature trees. Alex could often be seen squatting on her haunches staring intently into the tangled understorey of the copse where it bordered onto the small pond. Occasionally, when one watched quietly from a little distance, one might see Alex clap her hands in excitement, or perhaps wag an admonishing finger. But at whom?

Whenever the weather was clement - and sometimes even when it was not! - Alex would bolt down her breakfast and rush off to her favourite little glade: she would happily spend the entire day sat by the little pond.

One afternoon. a glass of champagne in my hand, I wandered down to talk to Alex. Sensing my approach, she raised a pudgy finger to her bee-stung lips and motioned me to join her on an old mossy log. For a minute or two we sat together in silence, before Alex inclined her head towards mine and whispered:
" They will be back soon! You frightened them away!" I could not for the life of me imagine to whom or what Alex was referring, so I nodded and maintained my silent vigil at her side.
Suddenly, without any advance warning, first one, then two, three, four, five small winged figures crept from the shadows under a pond-side shrub! I could not believe my eyes, but dared not stir to rub them for fear of breaking the magic of the moment! They looked up at Alex and I could see their mouths moving. " He's my  Dad!  Don't worry about him!" she said, apparently in reply! For perhaps ten minutes I watched enchanted as my daughter's little friends explored the margin of the pond, collecting small flowers and pieces of moss, for what reason I have absolutely no idea!

That Summer I was allowed to join Alex and the fairies on perhaps another three occasions…..

The following Summer Alex had a new playmate who had moved into the house next door: the fairies were neglected and then forgotten!
Thirty years later, my daughters drifted out of my life, apparently for good: I shall always remember the many adventures we shared even if they won't!

A nocturnal visit....

Just a short tale from the Webmaster, but not without its points of interest.....
I have an acquaintance, who we shall call Mark, who often travels away from home and family on business.
Mark, you should know, was, at the time, a devout Christian of a somewhat rigid disposition. He had little time for anything that smacks of the occult or arcane. ( Isn't it a strange thing that so many so-called 'religious' individuals cannot make the intellectual leap from their faith to a more general acceptance of matters spiritual and paranormal!? But I digress! Back to Mark! )
Having checked into his hotel in an ancient central Scottish city, Mark ate a passable meal in the restaurant before retiring to his room, intending to bathe and have an early night: his appointment the following morning was both early and very important!
Relaxed by his bath, Mark crawled under the heavy quilt and soon drifted off to sleep.......
Suddenly he was rudely awaken by the sensation of someone... or thing...sitting down heavily at the end of the bed. For what seemed minutes, Mark could not bring himself to pull the covers from his face to investigate the unwelcome visitor. Abruptly, Mark found his mind filled with graphic and vivid images of a very sexual nature: we shall not be more explicit in this forum! To his somewhat puritanical soul, this was more than Mark could stand! He threw
back the quilt and sought the author of his interrupted sleep......

There, seated at the end of the bed, was a semi-transparent naked female, leering at him lasciviously! Falling back on his faith, Mark closed his eyes and began to pray. After a while, the unwanted images in Mark's tortured mind began to fade.....When Mark finally summoned the steel to open his eyes, so too had the strange presence .....

Following a completely restless night, Mark checked out: needless to say, his subsequent nights in Scotland were spent at a more modern hotel!