A guardian Angel?
As with our previous correspondent, this story touches so closely upon certain people still alive that some names and locations have been altered.

Do you believe in angels? Many say they do, but where is the evidence? But I know someone whose life has twice been touched by what seems very like an angel! He has given me permission to tell his stories: here is the first!

During  the early part of World War 11, my correspondent (who we shall call Bob) was involved in protecting  airfields in Eastern England from the worst excesses of the Nazi bombing campaign.

Bob spent many a long night in a slit trench on the edge of a famous race-course, searching the sky for German aircraft. Close to hand was a scarf-mounted Lewis machine gun, which had already accounted for at least one intruder.

On the night under consideration, Bob freely admits that his eyes had begun to grow heavy: in wartime, to fall asleep at one's post is unthinkable, and Bob strongly denies that such a thing occurred…..however, he admits that, following several hours spent keenly scrutinising the dark skies, he '…...may have closed his eyes for a few seconds…'

Suddenly Bob was startled into a state of total alert:- the sky above the slit trench was flooded with brilliant white light that dissipated  every shadow on the airfield.

Lysanders and Wellington Bombers were suddenly visible at their dispersal points.
The shimmering light rapidly resolved itself  into the shape of a gleaming winged figure holding a sword. With its free hand, the angel (for that was the only interpretation Bob allowed himself) beckoned the stunned Flight -Sergeant to follow. In a daze, he left the trench and stumbled towards the magnificent entity  before him. He had scarcely covered  one hundred metres when a lone German Heinkel 111 bomber swept over the perimeter fence at low level and strafed the slit trench with its machine guns. Had Bob still occupied his post, it would have meant certain death!  Spinning round towards his angelic saviour, Bob saw only the unremarkable black sky of the Cambridgeshire heath. The strange visitor, his task complete, had vanished as abruptly as he had arrived

A Guardian Angel?

This amazing experience occurred a few weeks after the death of someone close to me: I shall say no more about our relationship.

I was returning home through the East Anglian countryside: I was alone, and it was late….perhaps just after midnight.
Rounding a bend near a well-known airbase, I was forced to halt at a red light at the commencement of a long stretch of roadworks. These  had restricted the carriageway to but a single track for some two hundred metres. Mine was the only vehicle on the highway in this isolated spot so late at night. I drummed my figures on the steering wheel impatiently, before resigning myself to spending an apparently unnecessary few minutes vigil for non-existent on-coming traffic: I rested my eyes while I waited.

Suddenly I felt the familiar touch of my recently deceased relative upon my shoulder. There was no doubt of the identification: I  recognised the firm yet light caress too well to be mistaken. There was no doubt, either, about what I was bidden to do. I threw my vehicle into reverse and accelerated  backwards away from the traffic light. At this very instant a black Ford Capri running only on side lights hurtled around the bend at the other end of the roadworks and, under no apparent control, careered through the very spot which I had occupied until so recently! Was it my imagination, or did I hear the low, throaty chuckle which I had resigned myself never to hear again in this World?

A last piece of assistance from my old mentor? ? A guardian angel? Who can say?! But one thing I do know: had it not been for that hand upon my shoulder, I should not be here today to share this tale!

Judith's Spirit Guide...
I have had several paranormal happenings, including a 'guide' or 'helper' who was about four foot tall, and dressed from head to toe in black. I first 'saw' him when I was falling asleep; suddenly I found myself in the bathroom and the shower curtain was whipped aside and there he was, complete with hat, having a very solemn shower!

The second time I was in a family's home giving the children their piano lessons. This time I was wide awake but suddenly felt the urge to look behind me from where I was at the piano. And there he was, stopped at the foot of the steps leading to their basement. He halted for a few moments until he was sure I had seen him, then with no expression on his face he walked down the steps. The third time I had gone to sleep without turning off the bedside light. I awoke feeling a little disturbed, and there he was again, this time with his hand outstretched, about to turn the light off for me! I managed to tell him 'if you are a good helper please stay, but if you are here to do me mischief please go'. The upshot of this I think was when my mother, who lives in England, (I live in Canada - 5 hours behind) phoned to let me know my brother was dying. He and I had not enjoyed a good relationship, fault on both sides, but for me it was painful to know about his illness.

One night shortly thereafter, about 11 p.m. I was in bed, specs on and reading, when a golden ball appeared on the wall opposite me, and shimmered to get my attention. The moment I saw it I began to feel very sleepy, and tried to take off my glasses, put my book down and turn off the light all in one go. The next I knew it was six in the morning, and, my glasses had been folded and put away, my book closed, and the bedside light turned off! I woke up feeling utterly euphoric, light, almost weightless, with bliss running around inside me. It was wonderous, and lasted for about two hours.

Shortly after that mum phoned to tell me that my brother had died about four that morning, exactly the same time (my end) the ball of light had come to me. I had obviously been taken the otherside to welcome my brother. About 10 days after that as I was conducting a 'psychic' session with someone he came through, but pushing his black lab into me first, then blinding me with brilliant white and gold light straight into my heart. It lasted about 20 minutes and I could hardly breathe - I didn't want to in case I blew it away! It was the most loving sensation I have experienced from any human being, departed or living. I am sure, though, that my little chap did the necessary for me that night, and cleared up after me!