Two 'Near Death' Experiences....

I have for you now a little 'pot pourri' of tales, all concerned with the strange phenomena that seem so frequently to occur to people who have come close to death and survived the experience.

A good friend of mine was admitted to hospital for major abdominal surgery: the operation was considered routine, but serious, as is the case with all procedures that involve opening the abdominal cavity.
In fact, the operation nearly proved fatal to my friend: she began to haemorrhage uncontrollably, and it was touch and go whether she would survive. Fortunately, by dint of massive transfusions, the blood loss was stopped and Sally's blood pressure stabilised. After several fraught hours, she was returned to a private intensive care unit to recuperate.
During the following hours, however, Sally's condition began to deteriorate: she herself became aware
( during her fleeting spells of consciousness ) that things were looking grim: her husband and relatives were summoned and prepared for the worst……
Suddenly, Sally became aware of the presence in the room of the spirit of a departed female relative. Strangely unalarmed, Sally felt the spirit enter her body, in much the way a hand enters a glove: she felt herself pervaded by an intense warm glow that spread from her abdomen throughout her entire body.

From that moment, Sally's condition steadily improved, to the complete bewilderment of her doctors, who had totally given up on her!

During a recent hospital visit, another friend ( who I shall call Peter ) found himself in the next bed to an extremely engaging man in his late middle-age: he endeared himself to my friend straight away by telling Peter that he had a healing aura and that he was a medium!
Peter went off to the theatre for what was supposed to be a routine procedure: as above, things went wrong twice, and Peter was later informed that it had been a near run thing….

When Peter returned to the recovery suite, his bed-neighbour told him that he had been aware of his plight and had 'come down to help'!
Some time later, when Peter felt a little better, his new friend  Geoffrey elaborated : he had become aware that Peter was in difficulties because the spirit of an elderly woman  ( who had, apparently, been watching over Peter for some months) had alerted him!

Obviously confused, but grateful, Peter admitted he had been aware of the old lady for some time, and that her more recent visits had been accompanied by 'rolling spheres of light'. Geoffrey identified these as healing lights, and said that Peter had been restored to health to fulfil a spiritual destiny!

Peter asked his companion if he had experienced anything similar himself: Geoffrey replied that some time before he had had heart by-pass surgery and that he had clinically died three times, both during the operation and subsequently in the intensive care suite.
He described how he had travelled along a tunnel towards a bright light where he could make out the faces of departed friends and relatives waiting to rescue him. But something held him back: Geoffrey said it felt like a restraining hand on his arm….each time he tried to pass between a pair of marble pillars to enter the light, he was  drawn back. Regretfully, he travelled backwards down the dark tunnel to reawaken in the intensive care unit.

He told Peter that he now felt it was his destiny to heal others and to introduce to fellow healers the latent power they possessed.

Peter tells me he is still reviewing his new role!