Kennedy: forty years on.....

Over forty years have passed since US President John F Kennedy was shot and killed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. It is not my intention to re-examine all the old evidence or attempt to come to any new and startling theories. But, like many, I do believe that the murder was the result of a conspiracy and part of a coup d'etat by the US industrio-military complex. It happened there, it could happen here! We forget the events of November 22nd, 1963 at our peril!

Like most people of my age, I really can remember exactly what I was doing as the news broke on UK TV: the assassination made a profound effect on me as a twelve year-old, and I still watch every documentary on the subject and read every book I come across. But have you noticed something? As time goes by, the whole event is being sanitized: it is as if all the missing pieces of the evidential jigsaw have been located and tested. Lee Harvey Oswald is now firmly identified to posterity as the disaffected 'wannabe' who was the sole author of the crime.

But watching the several recent TV programmes issued to mark the anniversary, I was perturbed to note that NONE of the many pieces of problematical evidence discovered since the assassination were even referred to. It was just as if there were no doubt about Oswald's complicity......

Just to keep things in the public domain, these are some of the questions I would like addressed:

The guns
This is the
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with which Oswald is alleged to have carried out the assassination...
So what became of this high-powered sniper rifle (a much more 'professional' weapon) that was recovered from the roof of the Texas Book Depository?
And who used it?
Two sniper rifles recovered from the Texas Book Depository? By
definition, this is conclusive evidence of a conspiracy. Except, of course, the second rifle 'disappeared' and was never offered in evidence.
This is a Colt 38, similar to that
in Oswald's possession when
he was arrested, and which
he allegedly used to kill Officer
Tippit following the Kennedy
This is a Walther PPK 38 Automatic. Both pistols use the same sized round, but automatics eject spent shell cases on recycling: revolvers like the Colt do not....

38 automatic rounds.
Note: they have no 'flange'
at the base. These are the same as the shell cases found at
the Tippit murder scene.

38 revolver rounds. These are quite different: note the flange at the base. This is the type of shell used by Oswald's Colt 38

My question is this: since Oswald was arrested carrying a fully-loaded, unfired Colt 38 revolver, how could he have shot Officer Tippit, who was killed with a 38 automatic, the ejected shell-cases of which were found at the scene? Who did kill Tippit?