Kennedy: forty years on.....
Most people have, by now, seen the famous film taken by Abraham Zapruder from his vantage point on a concrete plinth at the base of the 'Grassy Knoll' (a low, lawned slope separating Dealey Plaza from the rail marshalling yards)
There were other cine-films obtained at the time which have never been seen by the public. In addition, numerous still photos of varying clarity were taken. Many of these show suspicious or tantalising images of possible conspirators, none of whom have been identified.

Who left this coke bottle on
the concrete wall at the top of the Grassy Knoll?
It was photographed during the rush
towards the picket fence, and was allegedly
left there by a black couple.....

To me, this section of the Moorman photograph
(taken at the time of the fatal shot)
seems to show a uniformed white man at the
same location, with a second man to his right.
Soon after the assassination, a group of three 'hobos' were removed from a train that was leaving the marshalling yard without authorisation They were never interrogated or identified, but one, at least, closely resembles the Watergate conspirator and CIA Black Operative E. Howard Hunt.
This is Hunt.....

This is one of the 'hobos'!


This photo of the dead President is evidence of a
FRONTAL shot to the head. The bulk of the missing skull and scalp
is in the occipital region, suggesting an entry wound somewhere
in the right temporal region. This is consistent with a fatal shot
from the Grassy Knoll.

My final question is this: if, as we are led to believe, Oswald only fired three rounds from the Depository, how are the following SIX bullets accounted for?

1) Wound in Kennedy's throat
2) Wound in Kennedy's back that also injured Governor Connolly
3) Fatal wound to the head
4) Bullet hole in lower windshield trim of Kennedy's car
5) Bullet mark on manhole cover in Dealey Plaza
6) Bullet mark on kerbstone from round that injured bystander James Tague