Rendlesham Forest visit
December 30th, 2011

The forest is such a hauntingly beautiful and intriguing place, we were more than happy to join long-time researchers Jason and Jane for a day and night visit on the 31st anniversary. Apart from a few cyclists and dog walkers, we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

Despite what some sceptics have been publishing online and in the press, the Orford Light is still flashing away, looking
very much like what it is: a lighthouse! I am baffled that anyone could believe that a Lt Col could mistake this for a UFO!

Many people will be aware of the various legends about a UFO colliding with the runway threshhold lights: just for
information, this is the light array in question, showing number five bent forward a few centimetres...

As usual, we obtained some striking images of orbs and amorphous 'mists'. I should say: the night was mild and damp, with no insects or dust specks. And our breath was NOT visible!

The strangest occurence was towards the end of the
night, as we walked back to the road along track 10.
At exactly the same spot where we had witnessed a
large green sphere cross the path eighteen months previously, a 'spacesuited' figure strode across the
path from right to left. When I enhanced the photos
I had taken of the forest from the figure's point of
entry, this intriguing image was revealed....