Woodbridge 3oth Anniversary Conference
On December 28th, 2010, Linda, Paul, Jason and I attended the 'Thirtieth Anniversary Conference' at Woodbridge Community Hall, driving through snow from Derby, Brighton and Norwich to do so!

Arriving early, we took a walk around Rendlesham Forest, meeting John Burroughs and Jim Penniston (key witnesses to the events of 1980) and retired MoD UFO spokesman Nick Pope for a chat at the East Gate. The two Americans hinted that they'd be making some 'startling revelations' at the conference, and so it proved...

The presentation by Nick Pope was, as always, highly polished and well-considered: he is, IMHO, among the most impartial yet compelling speakers on the UFO phenomenon on the circuit.

Also on the bill was US journalist and conspiracy theorist Linda Moulton-Howe: she was there to promote the forthcoming release of 'new material' based on the revelations shortly to be made by Jim Penniston.


American journalist Peter Robbins was scheduled to appear, but his co-author Larry Warren was not: he just sort of 'invited himself onto the stage'! As we all know now, Robbins has totally dissociated himself from Warren and his largely fictitious account of his involvement in the RFI, but it was interesting at the time to watch the two attempting to build bridges with Burroughs and Penniston.

(I'm still awaiting an apology from Robbins for the lies about me and my role in the 2015 conference that he published in a subsequent book: this he has since withdrawn from sale, having discovered how 'Lawrence' had played him for a fool.)

The two main guests, Jim and John, were last to speak, concluding with a lively Q&A which they elected to conduct from the floor of the hall. As he had promised, Jim Penniston astounded the audience by revealing that he had recently rediscovered a notebook in which he had written several pages of apparent binary code. This, he claimed, had been 'downloaded' into his subconscious when he touched the Rendlesham Forest UFO during his close encounter. We were promised that a translation of the code would soon be forthcoming.

We all felt that Jim and John gave sincere and interesting accounts, despite being continually heckled by obvious 'plants' in the audience. Good to meet with researcher and author John Hanson and discuss future collaborations.