Rendlesham Forest visit
June 5th 2012

It's a strange thing: during the day, Rendlesham Forest is like any other piece of woodland: about the only remarkable feature is the lack of birdsong, but that is probably true of most coniferous plantations.
But in the evening, things change! The focus of activity seems to be Track 10, that leads eastwards from Folly House to Capel Green. During the years I have been visiting the woods, it is along this sandy ride that my companions and I have seen large glowing spheres, countless orbs and lights, an apparent craft of some sort and at least four strange figures. (All of which may be seen elsewhere on this website) This visit was no different! Retreating from the woods just as heavy rain set in, we clicked away all the way back to the road. As usual, it was only when we reviewed our photographs back at home that both Jason & I realised we'd caught something - several somethings - on camera!

The first image in both sequences is the original: the second is cropped and enlarged, the third is colour-enhanced
using Irfanview. I took the photograph above looking into the woods to the south of the track: Jason took the picture
below looking westwards towards Folly House

I make no claims for these images, but merely publish them for the interest of other investigators of this incredibly strange location.