Woodbridge Conference
June 17th 2012

After six months of doubt, dispute, online abuse and argument, a somewhat 'pocket-sized' version of the conference took place at Woodbridge Community Centre. A gratifyingly large ( and well-behaved!) audience enjoyed presentations by a number of well-known and polished speakers, as well as one or two that were, to be truthful, less well-received...
Peter Robbins and Larry Warren were their usual provocative selves, with frequent somewhat offensive references to other, more credible witnesses...

All in all, a relaxed, enjoyable and well-attended event.

In 1967, Robert Salas was DMCCC at a Minuteman
Launch Control Facility at Malmstrom AFB, Montana
He spoke about the astonishing events during the
spring of that year when the ICBMs of both Echo
and Oscar Flights went offline, apparently as the
result of some interaction with a red, glowing UFO.
Robert's presentation was polished, informative and
intriguing: a class act!

Gary Heseltine is a detective constable who
also served in the RAF Military Police, guarding
nuclear weapons storage facilities at several
airbases in the UK and Germany. He examined
the RFI from an 'evidential approach', which
was a most interesting perspective, concluding
that the evidence amply supported the
contention that the incident deserves to be
considered as the best UFO case in history!

Tim Good is a prolific and ground-breaking
author as well as being a concert violinist.
A charming, urbane gentleman, he delivered
a polished talk on the 'secret alien agenda'
which newcomers to UFOlogy may have
found a little challenging!