A Devon farmer's sighting....

As some of you may remember, for many years I ran an online business selling flown space memorabilia. Several times a year I took a stand at Duxford Airshow: as well as being a great venue for selling, it's also a terrific place to meet other space - and UFO - enthusiasts.

In the Summer of 2012 Nigel, a farmer from Devon, came into our stand with his wife for a look around. As often happens, our casual chat turned into a discussion about the possibilities of life elsewhere in the cosmos and, having reassured himself that I was a receptive audience, the farmer shared an experience that had occurred some years before.

In 1998, Nigel was walking towards his car when he noticed a large, dark shape moving along the skyline across from his farm at Broadaford in Devon. Even a quick glance revealed an extra-ordinary saucer shape with apparent dark 'portholes'. Nigel ran back to the farm and alerted his wife Rose and his late father, who joined him outside with binoculars and a camera. For several minutes the group observed the strange craft manouvering above the distant hills before it descended below the crest. Nigel took a single photograph before the object disappeared:


Paul & Ben Eno at Woodbridge
A small but select audience that included (naturally!) Larry Warren, Brenda Butler, Ronnie Dudgale (and Linda & me!) gathered at a hotel near Woodbridge to listen to a fascinating talk by father & son paranormal investigators Paul & Ben Eno. Their contention that many paranormal events (including UFOs) can be explained in terms of interactions between multiverses was well-explained and generally well-received. Paul's background in Catholic seminaries gives him a sensitive and insightful perspective of the whole, broad paranormal spectrum, while Ben is a young man of obvious sincerity and spirituality.

Supported by convincing anecdotal evidence, photographs, sound-clips and video, the presentation should have led to a general discussion of how the Rendlesham Forest incident can be viewed as part of a greater whole (whereby cross-overs between infinite parallel realities occur at this pan-universal portal) but, unfortunately, the opportunities for a wider discussion were somewhat restricted by the frequent contributions of some of the attendees.....

All in all, a pleasant and thought-provoking evening and well-worth the drive. I would just suggest that some of the 'faithful' probably need to step back and reflect upon the differences between 'real' and 'illusory': small luminous green lights crawling about among the grass of the forest floor are generally not fairies! Here's a picture we took of a glow-worm along
Track 10 in June 2012...