Woodbridge RFI Conference, May 2oth, 2018

A while ago my old friend Jason suggested attending a conference in Woodbridge at which 'new evidence' about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident would be presented: this we did on the night of May 20th, 2018.

Following a short walk around the forest, a chat with organiser Gordie and an excellent supper in town, we joined around 200 other attendees in the traditional venue of the Woodbridge Community Centre. The first two speakers, Brenda Butler and Chris Pennington, did, indeed, present new opinions about the nature of the RFI, but, I'm afraid, neither stood up to even the most cursory consideration. (If anyone is interested in a fuller description of their theories, do e-mail me: suffice it to say that Chris - a pleasant, affable gentleman - displayed a painful lack of knowledge of the principles of orbital flight, the history of astronautics and the role of the The 67th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron (ARRS) Why Chris placed a fir tree on the table was never explained!)

Ronnie Dugdale and John Burroughs then took the stage and, to my pleasant surprise, were superb! Ronnie has constructed what seems to me an impeccable timeline of events over the four days of December 1980 which he presented with input from John whenever appropriate. Everything they said had the ring of truth and authority about it and made it worth not arriving back home until nearly 2.00am! My only regret was that time considerations meant that Jason and I were forced to leave at 11.20, before the Q&A session had even started!

It remains my firm belief that Col. Halt's memories of the incident are essentially reliable, but I am also still of the opinion that his rank - and perhaps other factors - have caused him to be somewhat economical with how much he reveals in public. I can only endorse John Burroughs expressed hope that the bickering stops and an agreed consensus of this most-important occurrence is finally published.