"Radio presenter IQ shocker: read all about it!"

I'm not sure what my books and the material enshrined within them has to do with sport (although 'Uninvited Visitors' does have a chapter about it!) but for whatever reason I was recently asked to give an interview on talkSPORT Radio. Since I had been playing at a local jam session until 11.00, I needed a few cups of strong, black coffee: the start time (and it was a live interview!) was around 12.45 am!

Now I've done plenty of much longer interviews in the US (by Skype) and these are often broadcast at around 9.00pm our time, but this was the latest I've been asked to be available to talk.

I don't know if anyone out there actually listened to this ten minutes of farcical reporting on talkSPORT, but if you did - whether you believe there's anything in my opinion that not all of the Moon landings took place or not - you couldn't help despair at the total ignorance and lack of manners of one of the two presenters. How different to the polite and respectful conduct of the various US and BBC reporters with whom I've spoken over the years.

The following Tuesday I was interviewed again - this time for an hour or more - by an American network: I absolutely knew I'd be treated courteously and that the reporter would have done enough research to enable him to ask sensible questions and make informed comment! I couldn't help but wish I'd had the gentleman from talkSPORT in one of my lectures - he obviously missed out when he was at school!