Col. Charles Halt returns to Woodbridge: September 2019

The Colonel will return in the Autumn for what will most likely be his final visit to his old command. He'll be discussing the Larry Warren contribution to the Rendlesham Forest Incident and, hopefully putting that in the trash where it belongs (Nestled among Mr Warren's 'celebrity memorabilia' and photographs!)

Lots of other fascinating speakers, including Sacha Claire Christie and John Hanson

I've been asked to provide the PA (following last year's debacle!) and also give a presentation about the well-observed orbs-and-mists phenomenon: regular visitors to the forest at night will have seen plenty of both! This will draw heavily on my book 'Uninvited Companions', which - along with my other books - will be available on the night. (I'm not receiving a fee for the PA set-up, or talk!)


Further details and tickets (which are limited and selling fast!) are available HERE.