More strangeness about the moon landings:
Dr Mitchell and his observations of stars!

It is widely known that, even having met most of the Apollo Astronauts on a social level, I remain unconvinced that some - if not all - of the Moon landings actually took place. I have lectured and written widely on the subject and made numerous radio and TV broadcasts. At the time of writing no-one has been able to produce a single piece of convincing evidence that humans have visited the Moon.

If you have read my book 'Our Forbidden Moon' you will perhaps recall that during my several long conversations with Apollo Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, he emphatically stated that not only could stars be seen from the Moon and cislunar space (between the Earth and the Moon) but that they were ten times brighter than when seen from even the darkest location on Earth.

I recently found an audio clip of Dr Mitchell reading an appropriate passage from his autobiography: click HERE
This account is, of course, entirely different from that of Apollo 11 commander, Neil Armstrong. In numerous public statements he maintained that stars are not visible in space, either from the Moon's surface nor from cislunar space. You can hear him repeating this untenable - and frankly ludicrous - contention in this interview with Sir Patrick Moore.