A correspondent's live updates from his Sasquatch hunt!

My wildlife blog BIRDS OF THE HEATH receives thousands of visits each year, mostly from birders and amateur astronomers. I'm not shy about my interest (and experiences!) in cryptozoology and the paranormal in general, so I frequently receive e-mails and comments from like-minded individuals.

Recently I've been enjoying a dialogue with Adam Burton, a fascinating character who is on an expedition to Vancouver Island, where his expertise in photography (particularly IR) has already started to produce results.

Following an couple of evenings of unusual (and perhaps even a little worrying!) inexplicable noises close to their camp, the team placed IR cameras at stategic points: last night they achieved their first succes! In Adam's own words:

David, just a quick line. Amazing views of a sub adult Sasquatch last night. The research group had left some smoked meats out and we waited all night for any activity. We watched via a thermal image camera as the creature came 20 feet into the open to investigate. Amazing perception in pitch black darkness: I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I was still shaking in the morning...
David, this is going to be huge!!

The image above seems to show a large man-like creature peering around a tree trunk. I await further developments with great interest!