An amateur astronomer sees his first UFOs!

If you're a regular follower of this website, you'll have seen occasional mentions of Paul & Jason, two old friends who have shared many terrific experiences with Linda and me. When I first met them - over a decade ago - it was as customers at airshows and at astronaut encounters. All three of us share common interests in Astronomy, spaceflight and meteorites. Despite the not inconsiderable distances that separate us, we've become firm friends and speak on the phone several times each week. The guys knew of my interest in the paranormal and ufology, but when we first met neither had had any personal experiences of either. That is certainly not the case any longer! Several unattributed accounts on this site describe some of Jason's recent experiences, while over the past year Paul's healthy scepticism has been tested by his own observations. The following, in his own words, is Paul's account of three separate UFO sightings made during backyard Astronomy sessions: the photos are some I took while imaging Jupiter and Saturn at more or less the same time.



David and Jason - I wanted to write down my account of three unexplained UFO sightings which I have experienced. As you both know, as my close friends, I have always had a keen interest since childhood in Aviation, Astronomy, Space history and the strange world of Ghosts and UFOs. You also both know that I have always kept a very healthy open mind on the stories which I have heard and read about all of my life and up until two years ago (for 56 of my 58 years so far on this planet) I had never seen anything strange or unexplained at all. For years we have met up at Rendlesham Forest and walked the UFO trail. All three of us have had many many conversations on the matter of UFOs and alien abductions. We have been to many very interesting talks and we have met many crack pots and laughed at the farfetched stories which we have been told. I have not only never previously seen anything unexplainable in the sky but I have never particularly been bothered that I had never seen anything.

During all of this however I have always kept a very healthy skeptical open mind on the subject matter. As you know, this changed two years ago when I saw the first of what is now three unexplained sightings from my garden. All of these sightings have been as a result of amateur Astronomy observation sessions in my garden. Because my passions have been in Astronomy and Aviation since I was seven years old I feel that I have a more than very good knowledge of the night sky and all of its natural phenomena and I also know what exists in military and commercial aviation. This makes it all the more shocking when you see something which you cannot easily explain from the knowledge that you have accumulated over 50 years.

The first unexplained sighting was two years ago. I was viewing the March night sky using my 8 inch schmidt cassegrain telescope with my neighbour and his two grown up sons. We were around 20 minutes into the observing session when at the same time myself and one of the boys both saw a black silhouette of a triangular shaped object set against the light polluted sky. The object was totally silent and was not illuminated in any way. We only saw it against the back drop of the light polluted sky. Just two out of four of us saw it. The other two people present saw nothing because the object was tough to make out. The second and third encounters have happened this year (2020).

The second encounter happened on Friday 17th July 2020 at 23.15pm. I was out with my binoculars searching for Comet Neowise. At this point the comet could barely be seen with the naked eye but it was easily visible through binoculars. Since this was my first attempt at searching for the comet I was slowly sweeping the sky from side to side looking for the tell tail fuzzy blob. I spotted the comet and spent the next few minutes taking in what detail I could. I then put down my binoculars to see if I could see the Comet with my naked eye. I could just about see it with my unaided eyes and so I picked the binoculars back up to view the comet again. I started to sweep the sky to find it again when I spotted a moving object through my binoculars. At first I naturally thought that it was a plane. The object had lights but the lights were static. They did not flash at all. They were also yellow in colour. As I looked at the object in my binoculars I realized that it was growing bigger very quickly and travelling at speed. I struggled to keep up with it as it came towards me and then to my right. I dropped my binoculars and observed it with my unaided eyes. The object approached me very quickly and then it moved over the roof tops from left to right. I could barely believe what I was seeing. There was total silence. That was the creepy thing. I estimate its height at being between around three thousand feet.

My third encounter happened this evening on 13/9/20 at 20.20pm. At the moment the night sky is full of great things to see such as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars (at its closest until 2032) and Venus in the morning sky. I had already had two successful observing sessions this week and because tonight was a totally clear night with no cloud at all I was contemplating getting my telescope out again. I decided to go out into my garden and look at Jupiter and Saturn with my unaided eye ahead of me setting up my telescope. As I looked at Saturn I saw a faint fuzzy ball coming towards me. The fuzzy ball was dim but glowing. It was around the size of half of my thumb nail at arms length. Again I could barely believe what I was seeing. The object had no lights at all and it was totally silent. It was simply a dim glowing fuzzy ball similar to observing a faint galaxy or globular cluster through the telescope. It travelled towards me and then gently arched to my left, over my head in a sweeping curve and then dimmed. It was travelling at around four to five times the speed of a satellite at around four to five thousand feet. I have absolutely no idea what it was and I cannot explain it as anything that I have ever seen in the sky before.