My personal UFO experiences and photographs


As most readers of this website will know, I'm a very keen wildlife photographer: my photographs have appeared widely in print
and other media. You can see some of them here:

At the various talks I give and conferences I attend, I'm often asked whether I've managed to combine the two interests
and photograph a UFO. The answer depends on your personal definition: certainly I've captured images of a number of
aerial phenomena, not all of which have appeared in these pages. I've decided to post a few of the most interesting below...

The three images above were taken through my 5" astronomical refractor: I was trying to capture the 'Old Moon in the
New Moon's Arms' effect. As you can see, there's a curious object to the top right that resembles a Klingon Warship! Here's a close-up:

Here are two strange, high altitude lights photographed from Track 10 in Rendlesham Forest: they manouvered around
before hanging above us for several minutes: they then sped off in opposite directions:


This is one of several anomalous lights I've seen while walking the local lanes, It was definitely not a helicopter nor any
other conventional aircraft type: it was completely quiet and moved slowly through the sky, stopping once or twice.
Through binoculars it displayed a visible disc

This strange ring-like phenomenon appeared above an event we attended in South Norfolk. The left hand image is unretouched,
the others are enhanced using edge detection and colour enhancement software.

Other similar images (and a few simulations) can be found throughout the website. Now bearing in mind I spend a good part of
each week walking the country lanes and marshes with a camera, it's perhaps surprising how few photos I've managed to
take: I see more than I grab an image of!