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'Our Forbidden Moon' is an investigation
into why the US Apollo Program ceased
in 1972 and what effect NASA's knowledge
of the UFO phenomenon had on the decision.

'Uninvited Companions' is an attempt
to find a single, plausible explanation
for all paranormal phenomena!

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Rendlesham Forest, 2022
A 'Sky Serpent' over Blofield Heath
A lockdown ring in the night sky
A good friend experiences his first UFOs
The end of an era: Orfordness Lighthouse disappears from the Suffolk Coast
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Colonel Charles Halt at Woodbridge: September 2019
talkSPORT Radio: never agree to be interviewed by an ex-footballer!
Woodbridge Conference, May 2018
Colonel Charles Halt in the Rendlesham Forest, July 11th, 2015
Woodbridge Conference, July 2015
The Rendlesham Forest UFO, 2015
The fallacy of putting too much trust in experts: the media and the UFO phenomenon
Rendlesham Forest: a night investigation in Summer 2014 with some fascinating results!
Nocturnal lights in the Yare Valley: one possibly explicable, the other perhaps not!
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Astronauts & the UFO phenomenon: Astronauts describe their sightings to me!
Paul & Ben Eno at Woodbridge
A Devon farmer's strange photograph
Woodbridge Conference, June 2012
Rendlesham forest, June 2012: more bizarre images!
A wildlife warden 'enjoys' a strange encounter!
Rendlesham forest, December 30th, 2011: we photograph an apparent 'spaceman'!
Rendlesham Thirtieth Anniversary Conference.
Return to Rendlesham: thirty years on....
Martin witnesses a black triangle!
Are Aliens living among us?
A group sighting: a flight of 'saucers' at Hanging Hill Lane....
A terrifying car journey for a Norfolk family!
David's first UFO: a playground encounter in 1957!
A close encounter from rural Suffolk!
Two crop circle stories: from Dorset & Norfolk!
A UFO flotilla! A group sighting from Kinder Scout!
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A shared experience: a UFO in a Norfolk village....
A recent UFO: a first for Simon!
Ashley's photogenic UFOs! A lost opportunity.....
David photographs a UFO!
A UFO visits the Pas de Calais! A daylight disc seen by dozens!
David's latest daylight disc: another photo!
Mysterious spheres unexpectedly appear on a photograph!